Juliet Eby


          My interest in theatre began early through small productions in grade school. In junior high and high school I was involved in theatre and drama in every way, on and off stage. I worked make-up crew, took drama classes, performed in musicals- you name it, I did it all. Musical involvement drove my love for theatre. I took advantage of my opportunities at Valor Summer Conservatory, a Christian music program, to perform in several musical and opera scenes. Acting came naturally to me, and the challenge to implement my vocal skills enhanced my passion for theatre and performance. I took up photography at Valor Summer Conservatory, photographing the other students in rehearsals and performances. I started my own photography business my first year of college and enrolled in photography classes to enhance my skill. I began photography shooting theatre, moving onto portraits, weddings, and events, but am glad to return to capturing theatre where it all began.

          Theatre changed me for the better. I learned what it was like to work hard at something, and there are few things harder than being a completely different person. Hours of practice, whether acting and/or singing, always paid off in the end. Theatre forced me to set goals and work with others. Teamwork in theatre is two-fold. One must be able to stand alone yet lean on others at the same time. But since it is that way for everyone, the bond between experienced actors in a production is indescribable. Knowing that others would rely heavily on my part, I made sure my part was the best I could make it. Theatre is a balance between leading and following, and both must flow together precisely at the right time. It all comes down to performance night. The hard work is put into play (no pun intended) and the stress is overwhelming. But when those weeks of rehearsals and practice come together for a two hour show, it’s worth it – always worth it.


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