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Dreams Of Sonya

In Interviews and Previews on April 17, 2013 at 6:40 pm

A Word with the Artists


Dreams of Sonya, coming to the Kroc Center in Greenville, SC on the 19th and 20th of April, was written by Micah Thompson, a former graduate student from Bob Jones University. Dreams of Sonya will be performed by two current graduate students, Katrina Case and Lindsay Morgan.

Actress, Lindsay Morgan

Actress, Lindsay Morgan

When asked what the vision for the production was, Katrina replied, “I really want audience members to come thinking of it as a psychological puzzle. It’s not the type of play that is laid out simply; it is very complex.” Lindsay said, “We really wanted something that would challenge us in the acting department.” Dreams of Sonya presents a cast of seven characters being played by only Katrina and Lindsay. Wanting to have that challenge and lacking material to perform gave them the motivation to approach Micah about a script. They have faced many challenges at the start of and through the duration of this process. The greatest challenge was “finding a rehearsal space, and next to that are the technical elements. There are a lot,” says Katrina. Lindsay remarked, “Ninety percent of the efforts up until this point have just been getting it to happen.” There were a lot of details such as budgeting, booking a performance venue, and marketing which factored into the preparation for this production. By and large, Katrina and Lindsay have had to go through the process by trial and error.

Actress, Katrina Case

Actress, Katrina Case

Each story has a message. Each story-teller has a motivation or a goal for telling that story, however simple or complex it may be. Katrina states, “I want to present an entertaining story and entertaining characters. And at the end of it I want the audience to have an ‘Aha!’ moment, thinking ‘That’s what’s going on with Sonya.’” Lindsay shares both a personal and audience goal for her message in Dreams of Sonya. “My goal for myself was to just get further outside [of] my comfort zone. I wanted characters that I necessarily didn’t align with or normally get cast in, as in, they’re not my type. For the audience, since I didn’t really know what the script was going to be when we commissioned it, it was almost just more trusting the playwright, knowing that Micah can make a beautiful point out of something while making the audience laugh. Making them [the audience] think is great, but I didn’t want to necessarily subject them to a ton of philosophy, but with Micah’s humor I wanted them to be able to laugh as well.”

Playwright, Micah Thompson

Playwright, Micah Thompson (photo credit, Laura Kirsop)

What is the message? What will the audience carry away from Dreams of Sonya? Katrina sums it up in three simple words: “Face your problems.” In a few more words Lindsay says, “I want them to walk away with ‘I wouldn’t want to make that decision.’ I don’t necessarily want them to, in the end, side with the title character.”


So, this weekend is fast approaching. What will you be doing? Hopefully you will be able to purchase a ticket for Dreams of Sonya, and enjoy a fun and thought-provoking evening of theatre. If you would like to view Dreams of Sonya’s video teaser, you can check it out on their facebook page – just search for “Dreams of Sonya,” or you can make your way to their website, Remember – snag a ticket while you can! They may be purchased through Programs & Productions at Bob Jones University (just call 864.770.1372), or through See you there!

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