Matthew Jones


Matt Jones is presently working on a B.A. in Theatre at BJU. He has worked as an actor in almost a dozen major productions such as Our Town and Richard III, as well as a designer for numerous others. Photography has been one of his side projects since he was thirteen and his works have received and his works have received awards in both national and state photography competitions.

          I’ve heard it said that the goal of good theatre is to “portray reality,” and I would tend to agree with such an opinion. Many actors would find great accomplishment in bringing realistic characters, situation and idea to life onstage. It is by no means an easy task, often taking many years to learn and polish. However, I would add to this goal. I would say the goal is to “portray, learn from, and attempt to improve reality.” This is why I choose to get involved in theatre.

          I believe theatre has the ability to communicate truth to a vast audience, in a form that many might be more willing to listen to than direct argument or lecture. When you can combine the artistry of theatre with a piece of literature to spark thought and conversation, I believe the true mission of theatre has been accomplished. To reflect realism within my artistry, but to communicate changes and improvements that need to be made to our reality is the fulfillment of my goal for theatre. I participate in theater in order to show, not only the happy and beautiful moments of life, but also the sad, painful, and sometimes purely ugly moments, so that my audience might see, recognize, and be motivated to change them.

          Most importantly, I participate in theatre because I believe as a Christian that my Savior, Jesus Christ, has called me to be a ministry in this field. My focus onstage and off is to bring glory to Him. Whether I am working as a photographer, writer, actor or designer, my goal is to point others to Him and to make use of the gifts and abilities He has lent me.


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