Kristin Post


Kristin Post is pursuing a MA in Dramatic Arts. She holds a BA in Dramatic Production with a Creative Writing minor. She has performed in 12 college productions, and also has experience in directing and in design. Favorite roles include Mrs. Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, Dowager Empress in Anastasia, Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, and Mrs. Webb in Our Town. Her original play, Morning Breaks, will debut in March of 2013, as she plays the lead role, Kaye.

          Why do I do theatre? I do theatre because, yes, I’ll admit, I love the thrill of performing. I love the crazy nervousness right before stepping onstage, and then thrusting myself into a vulnerable place where I have to trust my fellow actors. I love the sense that the audience understands what I’m saying, that they feel with me, cry with me, laugh with me. I love stepping into another person’s shoes—via a character—and learning how that individual thinks. I love the connection between actors as they bring words to life. I love the camaraderie and support amongst cast and crew during a production.

          Why do I do theatre? I do theatre because I love teaching others how to perform. I love the constant questions that keep me searching and prompt my growth as well. I love seeing others begin to create, struggle in the process, and break through to understanding. I love inspiring an individual or group to work towards a goal, uniting vision, creativity, talent, and perseverance in an artistic endeavor.

          Why do I do theatre? I love the wonder of writing. I love taking so many common, familiar words and stringing them together into brand new thoughts, into brand new ideas, into brand new phrases and sentences. I love writing out what real people might have said, what imaginary people definitely said. I love breaking through the writing difficulties and giving voice to thoughts and feelings that seem inexpressible. I love seeing and hearing actors bring my words to life as they embody the characters I had previously only seen and heard in my head.

          Why do I do theatre? More than all this, I do theatre because I love stories. I love how stories link ideas. I love how stories prompt thinking. I love how stories involve people searching for connection, for answers, for peace. Stories help me to relate to people and to God. I love stories that make me think, that make me feel, that make me ask more questions. In the theatre, the story connects everybody present. With connection comes the possibility of relationship. And while the connection through the theatre’s story may be temporary, relationships are eternal.


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