Katrina Case


Katrina has a B.A. in Performance Studies, as well as a pending M.A. in Dramatic Arts, both from Bob Jones University. She has performed in nine shows during her collegiate career and worked on several others as part of the production team. After marriage in August 2013, she plans to live in the Greenville, SC area to pursue theatre.

          If I had to choose a statement that encapsulates my calling to theatre, I would steal one from a good friend and say this: theatre is meant to provoke, not to solve. I love theatre for many reasons, but specifically because it is communication between people that can and should result in reflection on truth. As a theatre artist, I want to communicate a story to a group of living, breathing people, a story that will have them leaving the theatre thinking.

           Theatre can merely entertain, but in its best form (I believe) it should confront us with truth, whether it be sublime or uncomfortable. In my opinion, when an audience keeps talking and thinking, theatre has been successful. I am in love with my vocation, and I hope that my work in theatre will further truth, and give audience members something to chew on.


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