Johnathan Schofield


Johnathan Schofield has a B.S. in Speech Education and Performance Studies and is currently pursuing his M.A. in Dramatic Arts. He has performed as an actor in 13 different dramatic productions for various institutions and organizations and has directing and design experience. He is an avid poet and enjoys writing dramatic material. He currently works full time as a Drama Producer for BJU Press Distance Learning.

          At the core of existence, we have to acknowledge that life is about people. We are born into this world through the collaboration (or lack thereof) of our parents. We grow up around friends and enemies, family and strangers, followers and leaders. We passionately latch onto some relationships and vehemently spurn others. As our lives progress, those relationships, with which our existence is saturated, become more and more apparent. We as a human race are tasked with realizing our purpose in those relationships, and, over the annals of history, mankind has expressed his thoughts and beliefs about those relationships through the art he creates.

          Of all the arts, theatre is perhaps the most collaborative. It seems that every single form of artistic expression blends together upon the stage of theatre, and this is what makes it the most dynamic and compelling of the arts to me. Historically, theatre has served as a unifying and dividing vehicle of change for all cultures. This force is clearly powerful. It is razor sharp; and we who wield it have the divine responsibility of wielding it well. When I introspectively examine the concept of theatre, and my respective role in it, I have to believe that I am called to be used to channel this power in order to deepen the life experience of those who happen to be exposed to it because of me. I have to believe that there is incredible value in that which I am called to create and that it can be used to change those who divinely encounter it. This change is both internal and external. Both those who create with me, and those who experience the creation, I am tasked with bringing a certain meaning to them that was otherwise not there.

          Furthermore, personally, I am convinced of my spiritual responsibility to create. Beyond my God-given commission to serve people through art, I believe I am called to a higher level of purpose that reflects the creative power of my Sovereign God through that which I am privileged to create. All art communicates, in some way, that which the artist worships. I am called to worship a Holy God in every aspect of my little life. He is pleased when I create expressly for Him.


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