Jessica Bowers



          The stage, a cramped living room, is set. The curtain, a shout from another room, “We’re ready,” is raised. It’s show time. Two five-year-old, friends star in an original production complete with costumes, bright pink and yellow tutus, and of course Mom as the camera man and sole audience member. They enter stage left singing and dancing to the musical number they wrote entitled, “Best Friends.” The production continues with a moving story about two best friends. Catching on to the theme? The story ends, the stars take their bows and the curtain is drawn. Success!


          I am a southern girl from North Alabama studying Theater Arts and French as a senior at Bob Jones University. In the fall I will begin my pursuit of a master’s degree in Theater Arts while teaching introductory speech courses to poor, unsuspecting freshmen. I share passions for a great many things: history, philosophy, foreign language, auto mechanics; yes, I did just say auto mechanics. But the arts, the arts have always captivated my attention. I am compelled to use theater as a means to create and explore the world and mankind in the hope that my art would tell a story of truth and beauty. This is but one of the many ways I can resemble and honor the ultimate Creator of all truth and beauty. Although my skill has advanced beyond living room stages and bright yellow tutus, my love for storytelling is still as raw as it was seventeen years ago. It is that love that has drawn me to the art of theater.


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