Janie Mayer


Janie Mayer has immersed herself in theatre through local productions in her hometown, to large scale university productions. She has worked in just about every area of theatre, from starring roles and assistant directing, to lighting design and choreography. She is currently studying Theatre Arts at BJU.  

          Communication is a central part of our lives. It can be found in every aspect of our existence, and is absolutely necessary to bring unity and order. But it’s far more than a practicality we choose to utilize. We need to communicate. We are relational beings with an innate need to interact with other humans. As we explore the world around us, we have an insatiable desire to share our observations and discoveries with people. We gather together to discuss and ask questions of things that seem beyond our ability to grasp. It is through this constant dialogue that we attempt to make sense of this narrative called life that we find ourselves in.


          Theatre is such a dialogue. It explores every facet of life, asking questions and probing for answers. Artists gather to create an immersive visual and aural experience that either conclusively presents their evaluation of certain ideals or presents an argument that concludes with an open-ended question, calling the audience to evaluate a certain ideal for themselves. In this way, theatre has been known to influence the masses, and I believe it is my divine calling to join the dialogue. Everywhere a person goes they are confronted with the conflict and suffering of our world, but I wish to create encounters that cause participants to contemplate how redemptive qualities such as forgiveness, mercy, and love also have a beautiful part to play in our broken lives. Also, like any other artist who works meticulously to hone their art, it is not only my ambition, but also my God-given responsibility to continually sharpen my skill so that whatever I create possesses excellence and true artistry. I desire for all I do to be a reflection to God and an expression of devotion to Him.


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