Emma Galloway


          I am a South Carolina native who is currently majoring in creative writing and pursuing a minor in dramatic arts at Bob Jones University. My interest in the arts began at an early age, when my mother, an English professor at the university, would take me with her to see campus productions. I fell in love with the theater and the art of fine storytelling, and have been making stories of my own ever since—whether I’m writing them or performing them.

          While my appreciation of theater began as a superficial interest in the lights, costumes, and glamor of the business, it has since grown into an appreciation of its value as a vehicle for truth. Though naysayers have told me that acting is a pointless exercise and that storytelling is merely empty entertainment, my experiences with theater have taught me otherwise. When I’ve been involved with plays in the past, audience and cast members have come to me with stories of how the play touched them or prompted them to look at life in new (and better) ways. Telling stories changes lives, which is why the dramatic arts have become such an important part of my life.

          It is my goal as a writer and performer to honor God—the Greatest Author—with what I say and write.



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