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a summery summary

Happy summer from the Green Room! I know it’s been an incredibly long time since we’ve had a chat, you and I. At least a month and a half I’d say. But I think you can agree that we’ve had a pretty successful three-month-run here at the Green Room!  We are growing, and gaining readers, and expanding our scope with each new month. This all because of you! Bless your face.

I wanted to drop in and let you know what has been happening, and what is going to happen in the months to come. With summer upon us, the Green Room Staff have been flung to the far reaches of the Globe. This of course makes for difficult collaboration. But it also means we have been seeing more shows in different places all over the U.S.! With that in mind, the posts may come a bit slower, but the range of discussion should ultimately be deeper, better informed, and well connected.

I cannot speak for all of our staff (they have not all told me their incredible stories yet), but I can let you know what has been going on for myself of late. Last time we posted, we heard from our very own Jessica Bowers about the successful production of Dreams of Sonya. But so much happened around and after that time which we just weren’t able to talk about. So I shall attempt to encapsulate it all below.

yeah, I used encapsulate in a sentence

yeah, I used encapsulate in a sentence

When Your Life Goes Off Script

I said this post was about me, so I have to be honest. I didn’t see this production. I wanted to. I was excited for it. But, alas, I could not. I bring it up here because there are some great things to say about it without even seeing it. This was produced by the Senior Girls at BJU. It was not for academic credit, and was independently organized and produced. For those of our readers who have participated in any academic theatre programs, you can imagine how busy that last semester can be – mostly because you have done it – or will do it in the near future. So to produce a show of your own initiative and see it through to fruition takes guts during this time. I respect that.

Recently I had the pleasure of being the marketing director for an original production that took an incredible amount of collaboration and work to pull off – I know what kind of blood, sweat, and tears go into something like this. And I have always said that where there are no opportunities, you can create your own! So I want to congratulate the Senior Girls, (who have since graduated), on a reportedly successful production, and apologize for my unavoidable absence.

an awesome poster. no question.

an awesome poster. no question.


Now, this portion is not meant to blow my own horn, because frankly, I had little to do with its success. But in early January, myself and a colleague of mine, Micah Thompson, founded a new organization – MADCAP THEATRE. The group specializes in improvisational acting and performance. To begin, we created MADCAP UNIVERSITY to train and teach improv. We started out with about 15 students who stuck with us for 6 weeks of intense training and truckloads of fun. At the end of the period we had a small show to commemorate the class’s glowing success.

Throughout this process, I had the opportunity to develop some of my skills as an educator, and had the joyous privilege of seeing these talented people grow into stronger performers. They all came from diverse backgrounds. Some were musicians, some were businessmen, some were teachers, and they all came together to collaborate on honing their life skills. This served as a powerful reminder to me how theatre is and always has been about community. It was such a joy to see so many people come together for a unified purpose.

Murder Mystery Mayhem for the win!

Murder Mystery Mayhem for the win!


Throughout this last year I feel like I have been regaining my sea-legs as an actor. That is to say, taking a year off from acting did me no favors. I have had the privilege to participate in several productions since then, but most recently I have played the role of Lennox in the Classic Players production of Macbeth. I love the play, don’t get me wrong, but when I learned of my new role, I had to ask my self – “Who is Lennox again?” After digging out my old “Shakespeare Unabridged” I rediscovered the minor character.

This was fantastic. The role was small, but that actually served to my advantage. Shakespeare is a horse of a different colour, and it’s not exactly like riding a bike. The brevity of my role gave me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the Bard, and slowly digest the character without needing to feel any great pressure to perform. I was able to take ownership of Lennox, and by the time of performance, I was able to simply enjoy the artistic process of giving him life.

Thrilling tragedians since 1606!

Thrilling tragedians since 1606!


Feast or famine. I don’t touch Shakespeare for two years, and then suddenly I’m saturated with it. I’m not complaining.  I love Shakespeare, and Hamlet is hands down my favorite play. Ever. That’s why when I attended the Upstate Shakespeare Festival’s production of Hamlet I went in with low expectations. I did this for various reasons. First, I don’t like to be disappointed because I’m too critical. I like to enjoy myself, and give people the benefit of the doubt in the process. Second, It was a free production, open to the public, and performed out of doors in a public park. This told me it would have to be a filtered down version of the timeless master piece, and not too long so as too appease the masses. Not that it has to be this way – I just had a sneaking suspicion.

With all of that said, Shakespeare in the Park 2013 was a success as far as Hamlet is concerned. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I do have my criticisms, but it wasn’t trying to be the next RSC production of destiny. I think it tried to make this archaic text accessible to most anyone, and for the most part, it mostly did. I was able to look past the low production values (which are secondary anyway, in my opinion) and attach myself to the characters in new and entertaining ways.

A nice pate on their poster.

A nice pate on their poster.

Comedy of Errors²

A great play. (also by Shakespeare) I love this play. It’s fun. It’s light. It’s entertaining, and incredibly hilarious. What’s perhaps hilarious about this summer is the error* so many companies are making by producing the same play at the same time! (*see what I did there?) I have the privilege of playing one of the principle roles in a production by The Greenville Shakespeare Company, and our very own Lindsay Morgan is performing a similar role in the Upstate Shakespeare Festival’s production of the same play! As if to add insult to injury, The Public Theatre in NYC is currently in the midst of their production of Comedy as well! So apparently everyone is doing it. Therefore you all have no excuse to not see a production of Comedy of Errors  this summer! Click here to see details about the GSC show. Click here to see details about the USF show.

I have no words.

I have no words.

Support Local Theatre

I look forward to the fall when all our staff are back in one place, but in the mean time, I hope you are all keeping an eye out for shows near you! Now more than ever local theatre groups need your help to keep creating and growing. Remember they do it for you. I’m not asking you to take an exam, or go for a run, or eat your broccoli. I’m asking you to go to a play. C’mon, how hard can it be? You know you want to!

Stay posted for our future articles! We love you, readers! Happy Summer!


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