The Green Room Project

In Mission on January 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm

Theatre is collaboration. Any one person who attempts to go into or study this craft of their own ability and skill with no regard for those artists who will inevitably surround them will fail. This is a field of artistic creation which, at its crux, relies entirely upon the shoulders of collaborative individuals who humbly throw themselves into a craft at the mercy of those artists who are committed to helping that craft succeed.

As such, it is imperative that we understand one another. We must passionately seek the humble ability to learn from those around us in order to foster original, authentic creation in the hearts and minds of our colleagues, as well as in ourselves. This requires an ear that is quick to listen. This requires a tongue that is taught to speak boldly, yet meek to speak in respectful love. This requires the capacity for acceptance, and pliability. This requires the capacity for taking risks and accepting consequences. This requires the capacity for trust.

Do not allow these to daunt you, but rather inspire you to a deeper understanding of the humility you will need to succeed in the Theatre arts. By far, some of the most rewarding experiences and opportunities of your life lie in this field. The purpose of this collaborative community of artists is to foster growth by sharing those experiences with each other. Let us collectively be inspired by those things so great a God has gifted us to make for Him.


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